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We're excited to help you with all things Online Sales Funnels. Total Online Tech peace of mind is what we're offering you.
Please have a read through our terms of service below. We promise to keep it clean and as much as possible remove all the technobabble or legal speak. We love making your world simpler!
Terms Of Service For Our Services
Premium Support
Support Plans
What does "Unlimited Tasks" mean?
The laws of physics still apply!
We do one task at a time, depending on your support level, you can either send in 1 at a time, or multiple. You have the ability to get unlimited tasks within the following bounds, per month.
Due to the nature of our service, once the 7 Day cooling off period to onboard your account is up, we can no longer provide a pro-rate or refund.
  • STANDARD PLAN: Send 1 task at a time. We spend up to 1hr per day on your tasks. No custom coding.
  • PROFESSIONAL PLAN: Send multiple tasks at a time. You can send 3rd Party tool integrations, custom coding, and custom CSS. We spend up to 1hr per day on your tasks.
  • THE "X" PLAN: Send us a "Project" list of tasks to complete. You will receive a dedicated resource to work on your tasks up to 2hrs per day.
Build Plans
"You guys do Builds as well?!" Absolutely!
If you want us to project manage your funnel build, you can use one of the following tiers to complete your funnel build of 1-4 pages.
We can either "Clone", "Model and integrate", or "Design, Build, and Integrate"
  • $500 Cloner: You find us a Clickfunnels page (up to 4) you like. We replicate it. You can send us task based updates (logo, headline, meta) to tweak it to your needs.
  • $3k Designer: You find us a Clickfunnels funnel (up to 4 pages) you like and we will create a new template to model this. You can send us updated copy, images to make it tailored for you.
  • $7k Launcher: You show us your copy and product/offer, give us a month, we'll get you to launch (plus recommended ad spend)
Refund Policy
Sometimes people just aren't happy. That's fine.
We'll happily offer a refund under the following simple conditions:
  • Monthly Plans: Due to the unlimited basis of the plans, we cannot offer a refund after more than 7 days usage. If you are not happy with the service for any reason in the first 7 days, please contact and we will gladly offer you a refund. To reduce abuse of this awesome deal, a refunded account will not be reinstated in the future.
  • Build Plans: We'll endeavor to deliver to the specifications you've provided, but invariably some design/functionality may not be possible due to limitations of Clickfunnels. If we cannot provide this functionality, we will provide a suitable workaround. No refunds.
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